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Sismatec has a positive participation in Hospital Fair 2017

Publication date: 2017-06-12

Ever-present in all past editions of the event, Sismatec celebrates the success of this year.

Sismatec celebrates its 24th consecutive participation in the Hospital Fair, once again with the feeling of accomplishment.

During all the four days of the event, together with partners Manager Grupo, Grupo Taisei and Suzuki, we received hundreds of people in our 200m² exhibition space. All visitors were able to learn about our many innovations, among which our New Command Plus that brings an innovative concept of integration of several surgical room equipment through touch screen technology operated by an iPad.

Expanding its partnerships and further narrowing its relationship with the entire medical community, Sismatec brought experiences from reference countries in health and industry, connecting with its purpose to remain a company that values constant innovation and continuous quality improvement.

During the event, our distributors and representatives took the opportunity to clarify their doubts about the new products through training provided by the Product Management team, reinforcing our commitment to strengthen our good relationship with our partners.

We want to thank all the people who supported and contributed to the great success of this edition of the Hospital Fair, especially to our clients. The teamwork, competence and professionalism shown,  will be responsible for the gains that we will receive from now on.

For those who could not attend the event, but are interested in knowing about our new products, in the following photos you can check out some of the highlights. Contact our sales team at the number (41) 3213-5900 and schedule a presentation.



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