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category: Ceiling

Maximum luminous intensity at 01 meter distance per dome (LUX): 140.000

Color temperature [K°]: 3.200 – 5.000

Expected bulb lifetime [h]: 50.000

Luminous Intensity and Color Temperature Control 

Special feature: Ambient Light (green LEDs for
enhanced screen contrast on endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery)

Model designed to provide effective and flexible lighting in the operative theatre, with adjustable color, temperature and luminous intensity and an adjust dimmer placed in the dome arch.

  • Optical plate divided in four segments each featuring 18 power LEDs for a total of 72 power LEDs per dome
  • Plates and components made with eco-friendly material, free of lead and other heavy metals.
  • Fresnel Lights made to ensure high reflection and great luminosity in the surgical field.
  • Technology 100% developed and manufactured by Sismatec resulting in low production and maintenance cost.
  • ENDO system technology was engineered to create the optimal working environment in the operating field. It ensures the ideal lighting conditions for video surgeries by reducing eye fatigue during endoscopic procedures and decreasing reflection on the LCD monitors.
  • Color temperature controls - the user may adjust the color temperature according to specific needs or the technique in use.
  • Cold light and great durability.

Atenção: Todos os valores declarados possuem tolerância de + - 10%


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