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Electric Osteotomy Saw

category: Sternum saw

Original rotation (RPM): 28.000

Controlled rotation (RPM): 28.000

Power (W): 600 

Made in light material (anodized aluminum) with great mechanic resistance and anti-corrosive properties. Electric motor ensuring high torque and low maintenance costs. Its anatomic design and quick-change system results in great comfort and versatility for users.

Recommended for cardiac surgeries requiring rapid and accurate cuts through the sternum bone. It is equipped with pleura-protection ring which can be inverted to suit the needs of the surgery or preferred technique.

  • Featured movements: oscillating, horizontal and vertical, designed for sternum surgeries (opening first-op).
  • Pleura-protection ring
  • Allows inverting the orientation of the saw and safety ring thus allowing use according to preferred technique.
  • Made in light, impact-resistant material, fully autoclavable.
  • Versatile design
  • Easy to use
  • Light
  • Heads, blades and cables are sterilisable
  • Comfortable handle
  • Electric motor operated by a foot pedal
  • Speed controlled by the pedal

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