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Electro - Hydraulic Operating Table

category: Electric-hydraulic

Mastertec 15 Electro Hydraulic Operating Table was developed in order to be suitable for all types of surgeries however simple or complex. Its intuitive and customizable design allows the surgeon to correctly position the patient according to the required intervention or technique to be used. Compliant with NBR IEC 60601-2-46 standards.

  • Smooth and accurate movements performed by a wired remote control or panel located on the table base which is protected against radiofrequency interference.
  • The head section has manual regulation; push the lever on the central base to move the head section. The leg sections offer horizontal regulation and are completely detachable through easy to use swiveling clamps.
  • The equipment has a safety system that locks all wheels as soon as the table top leaves its lowest position. At the lowest position, the wheels are unlocked allowing the equipment to move freely.
  • The table top is radio transparent perfect for the use with X-ray equipment and C-arm. An optional accessory allows the use of portable X-ray devices without having to move the patient.
  • The accessory Extension Table Pad allows increasing the tabletop radiotransparency area by an extra 39 cm, bringing radiotransparent capabilities to both upper and lower limbs.
  • Mastertec 15 batteries are sealed and correctly positioned inside the equipment, posing no risk to the user.
  • Strong structure, column made of steel covered in hard chromo, the base, the elevator, and seat section are covered in stainless steel   (Chromium nickel steel) The removable sections (legs and back), side rails and table top lateral plates  are also made of stainless steel (Chromium nickel steel).


    • ​01 anesthesia screen
    • 01 pair of arm support
    • 01 pair of shoulder support
    • 01 pair of lateral support


    • ​Extension Table Pad    
    • X- ray Cassette Holder 
    • Instrument Tray
    • Lateral Decubitus
    • Femur Traction
    • Obstetric Attachment
    • Urological/RTU Attachment
    • X- Ray Lateral support
    • Neuro Adaptor
    • Tibia Traction
    • Body Strap
    • Wrist strap
    • Instrument Trolley
    • Leg Rests
    • Hand Traction
    • Shoulder Surgery Attachment
    • Head Support
    • Infusion Stand
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