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Mechanic Hydraulic Operating Table

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The Mastertec 15 Mechanic Hydraulic Operating Table was developed based on a Multifunctional concept. Built to respond to surgeries in minor, middle and major terms. It allows the surgeon to have the best position towards the patient based on the intervention required. Regulated by NBR IEC 60601-2-46.

  • Soft and precise movements performed through a block of vauvle and a hydraulic system mechanicaly actioned by a foot pedal, therefore, it is protected against radiofrequency interference with other equipments.
  • The Movements are obtained through the foot pedal, setting, first, the key “movement selection” with the chosen position. The keys “movements selection” are levers that must be set (+ positive and – negative) corresponding to the desired movement (up and down), the head section has a manual regulation through a lever located at its central part; the two part leg section is horizontally moved and easily detachable through maniples.
  • The equipment has a safety system that locks the wheels through a lever located at the front base.
  • The table top is radio transparency, perfect for the use of x-rays and C-arm. An optional accessory allows the use of an x-ray holder to take x-rays during the surgery to ease in a way that is not necessary to move the patient to place the x-ray plate on the head section and lateral side of the table.
  • When the X-ray is required on the seat section region, the accessory Extension Table Pad allows it to dislocate increasing the area to perform surgeries on the inferior or superior members.
  • Strong Structure, collum made of stainless steel covered in hard chromo (side rails), allowing the table use with patients of up to 200 kg.
  • Strong structure, the column is made of steel with hard chromo, the base, the elevator, and seat section are covered  with stainless steel   (Chromium nickel steel) The articulations (legs and back), side rails and table top lateral plates  are also made of stainless steel (Chromium nickel steel)


    • ​​​​​​01 anesthesia arch 
    • 01 pair of arm support)
    • 01 pair of shoulder support
    • 01 pair of lateral support
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